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Literature Quiz

Question 1
At John's Grill in San Francisco, you can still order chops, baked potato and sliced tomatoes, just as Sam Spade did in what book?
Question 2
Which author of the poem "Trees" died while fighting in World War I?
Question 3
Which one of these means an animal's poisonous fluids?
Question 4
In Greek mythology, what tried to attack the infant Hercules in his sleep?
Question 5
What did the Three Kings follow to find Jesus?
Question 6
The title of which Pink Floyd album is also a chapter in 'The Wind In The Willows'?
Question 7
Why are Igor Karkaroff and Severus Snape on first name terms in "Harry Potter"?
Question 8
What 2007 book by someone who died at Auschwitz was held unpublished for 60 years by her daughter?
Question 9
What is a fiction book?
Question 10
Who had only 4 out of 900 poems published while alive?
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