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Movies Quiz

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Question 1
What model of Aston Martin was used in the James Bond film 'Goldfinger'?
Question 2
At the start of "The Man with the Golden Gun", what does Scaramanga shoot off a James Bond statue?
Question 3
The 2007 movie "Everything's Gone Green" was written by which best-selling author?
Question 4
What prince does Ella fall in love with in the movie "Ella Enchanted"?
Question 5
Lou Romano is the voice of which character in 'Ratatouille'?
Question 6
In what film does Stephen Rea, as an IRA gunman, kidnap British soldier Forrest Whitaker?
Question 7
What ape raises the title character in the 1999 animated film "Tarzan"?
Question 8
What was Johnny Depp's directorial debut?
Question 9
Who played frat member, Garf, in the 2014 film "Neighbors"?
Question 10
If you've ever seen Midnight Express, you'll never smuggle hashish out of which country?
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