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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?

Question 1
Who sang the famous song "Canadian Sunset" (1956)?
Question 2
Which of these countries cover the largest total area?
Question 3
From what tribe was Sacagawea?
Question 4
Julia Child wrote a book about "Mastering the Art of" what style of cooking?
Question 5
Approximately how many chocolate bunnies are sold each Easter?
Question 6
In a 1907 essay, GM Trevelyan imagined that if I had lost at Waterloo, Lord Byron would lead a failed popular uprising against the government. Who am I?
Question 7
Which American golfer won his second Sony Open in Hawaii title in January 2015?
Question 8
What was the name of Barack Obama's wife?
Question 9
Which is the symbol for the astrological constellation Scorpio?
Question 10
Jewish refugees often fled to what neutral European country to escape the Nazis in World War II?
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