Food & Beverages Quiz
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Which nationality do shanghai pan-fried noodles belong to?
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Strictly speaking, what food is bee vomit, since nectar is converted in the insect's oesophagus and then upchucked?
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Which vegetable had a popular doll named after it?
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What breakfast food gets its name from the Roman goddess of grain and farming?
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The actual salad dressing in this country is olive oil and vinegar, not the pre-mixed vinaigrette named for it in North America. What is it?
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Where is all Champagne (capital "C") made?
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Which company's "secret blend of 11 herbs and spices" seems to be flour, salt, MSG and black pepper ... two spices and no herbs?
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What Irish beer's bubbles appear to sink, because they rise in the centre of the glass, producing a current that causes drag along the edges?
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Who planted the seeds of the traditional diet of Mexicans?
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What U.S. state is best known as a producer of potatoes?

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